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Harness AI for Unparalleled Coverage and Accuracy

  • Detect the most critical vulnerabilities involving sensitive data stored in plain text across various mediums such as logs, files, tokens, cookies, or when exposed through APIs and third-party systems, all mapped directly to CWE and OWASP classifications.
  • Leverage the power of LLM models for unmatched coverage and exceedingly high accuracy, complementing our scanner's pre-defined sensitive data definitions encompassing PII, PIFI, and PHI
  • Get high-confidence findings linked specifically to the sensitivity level of identified data elements.

Eliminate Developer Friction

  • Surface findings to developers in their existing workflows and source control management platforms

Proactive "Shift-Left" Data Mapping at the Speed of Development

  • Get alerts when new data elements are introduced based on their sensitivity levels. Have full confidence in sensitive data flow changes during development, even if changes are being pushed at an extremely high rate.

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