Shift-Left: Data's Best Defence

AI-powered code scanner designed to implement a proactive, 'shift-left' strategy for sensitive data protection and privacy compliance

Code Repositories Vulnerability Summary
AI-Detected PII Data in Log Messages
Generate Records of Processing Activities
Sensitive Data Flow Diagram

The Problem

Delayed Detection of Data Leaks

92% of all data compromised in 2023 involved customer and employee PII record types

Remediation of PII data leaks (through logs, files, or third-party systems) can be very expensive, requiring code updates, access log reviews, and potentially customer notifications

PII data leaks are often detected too late, after damage has occurred, with SAST scanners overlooking such vulnerabilities

Costly, Reactive, and Error-Prone Processes for Privacy Compliance

Product development outpaces privacy teams, leading to a constant need to update outdated data maps, which consumes much of their workload.

Reliance on tribal knowledge and coordination with engineering to document data flows increase compliance risks due to the error-prone nature of the process.

The Solution

Implementing Data Security and Privacy Controls at the Code Level for Proactive Sensitive Data Protection

  • Use’s AI-powered code scanner to continuously detect vulnerabilities (currently overlooked by SAST scanners) where sensitive data (e.g., PII, PIFI, and PHI) is exposed in plaintext through mediums such as logs, files, tokens, cookies, or third-party systems
    [CWE-201, CWE-209, CWE-312, CWE-313, CWE-315, CWE-532, CWE-539]
  • Get essential context and remediation strategies, such as omitting sensitive data, applying masking or obfuscation, or using UUIDs instead of PII
Vulnerability Exposing PII in Logs for Privacy Compliance Automation

  • Use's AI-powered code scanner to continuously track and visualize the flow of sensitive data (e.g., PII, PIFI, and PHI), and effortlessly generate Records of Processing Activities (RoPA) with just a few clicks. This eliminates the manual and highly error-prone processes typically associated with these tasks
  • Receive alerts when new data elements are introduced, based on their sensitivity levels, and prevent out-of-scope product changes from going live to avoid privacy incidents
Generate Records of Processing Activities

Return On Investment

ROI for Proactive Sensitive Data Protection

For Every1mLines of Code
Time Saved 4,000Hours
Productivity Gain2Full-Time Employees (FTEs)

ROI for Automated Privacy Compliance

For Every200Code Repositories
Time Saved3,200Hours
Productivity Gain1.5Full-Time Employees (FTEs)
Check out our ROI calculator for an estimation tailored to your organization's inputs.
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Enhance your AppSec Program by Incorporating Sensitive Data Protection and Adopt a Shift-Left Approach to Privacy Compliance

Unparalleled Coverage and Accuracy

Leverage the power of AI for unmatched coverage and exceedingly high accuracy, complementing the scanner's pre-defined sensitive data definitions encompassing PII, PIFI, and PHI.

Frictionlessly Fast

Scan more than 3 million lines of code in less than 3 minutes.

Plugs Seamlessly into Developer Workflows runs anywhere you need it, from CLI to CI/CD. The platform integrates with most CI pipelines, surfaces findings in GitHub and GitLab’s security dashboards, and sends actionable notifications in Slack and Jira

Enterprise Ready

The platform is SOC-2 compliant, supports SSO, offers standardized audit logs for SIEM integration, and includes enterprise support.

Sensitive Data Protection at the Speed of Development

“For companies handling sensitive data, is a real must-have. The scanner is blazingly fast and integrates seamlessly with our GitLab workflow. More importantly, it provides the peace of mind we need by ensuring that sensitive data does not accidentally leak into logs, files, or third-party systems, even with high frequency updates to the codebases.”
Bryan Kaplan, CISO

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Works with the Most Popular Frameworks and Technologies supports your favorite languages and seamlessly integrates with your tools, pipelines, and workflows. supports Java supports C# (.NET) support TypeScript support JavaScript supports Python supports GraphQL supports OpenAPI (Swagger) supports GitHub Actions and GitHub Security Dashboard supports GitLab CI/CD and GitLab Vulnerability Report supports Azure Pipelines supports CircleCI supports Bitbucket supports Jenkins

Stop PII Data Leaks at the Source and Automate Data Mapping for Compliance

Through its shift-left approach, helps organizations integrate data security and privacy controls from the start. Start for free or book a live demo to better understand the product’s capabilities and pricing.