Shift-Left Sensitive Data Protection

Prevent PII Leaks from the Source

Minimize your data attack surface by proactively identifying and closing vulnerabilities (currently overlooked by SAST scanners) where sensitive data (e.g., PII, PIFI, and PHI) is exposed in plaintext through logs, files, or third-party systems [CWE-201, CWE-209, CWE-312, CWE-313, CWE-315]

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Continuous and Proactive Detection at the Speed of Development

For organizations holding critical data, the question is not if a data breach will occur, but when. Customer and employee PII was the most commonly breached record type in 2023, accounting for 92% of all data compromised. When sensitive data leaks through logs, files, or third-party systems, remediation becomes very costly. It involves code updates, access log reviews, and, in some cases, customer notification if a security incident is warranted. introduces a proactive, shift-left strategy that maps out your sensitive data flows at the pace of development and continuously identifies vulnerabilities overlooked by traditional SAST scanners. This method aims to uncover vulnerabilities where sensitive data may be exposed in plaintext, such as in logs, files, tokens, cookies, or through third-party systems. By addressing these issues early, you can stay ahead of potential threats and reduce the financial and operational costs of fixing these vulnerabilities after they’re found in production.


of all data compromised in 2023 involved customer and employee PII (Personally Identifiable Information) record types1


ranked as the top data breach cost mitigator, with organizations that had high DevSecOps adoption saving USD 1.68 million compared to those with low or no adoption2

$4.45 M

average cost of a data breach in 20233

Harness AI for Unparalleled Coverage and Accuracy

  • Detect data flow vulnerabilities that result in the exposure of sensitive data (e.g., PII, PIFI, and PHI) in plaintext within logs, files, tokens, cookies, or third-party systems. These vulnerabilities are overlooked by SAST scanners due to their inability to identify code logic that handles sensitive data, and have been the root cause of significant data breaches, leading to the exposure of clear-text passwords, password hints, and PII data for millions of records. Here is a sample of the vulnerability types covered by
    • CWE-201: Information Exposure Through Sent Data
    • CWE-209: Information Exposure Through an Error Message
    • CWE-312: Cleartext Storage of Sensitive Information
    • CWE-313: Cleartext Storage in a File or on Disk
    • CWE-315: Cleartext Storage of Sensitive Information in a Cookie
    • CWE-532: Insertion of Sensitive Information into Log File
    • CWE-539: Use of Persistent Cookies Containing Sensitive Information
  • Leverage the power of AI for unmatched coverage and exceedingly high accuracy, complementing our scanner’s pre-defined sensitive data definitions encompassing PII, PIFI, and PHI. HoundDog’s AI workflow processes only the discovered tokens (e.g., names of classes, variables, functions, methods, etc.) to determine if they potentially handle sensitive data. The precision rate, based on our testing against a large number of code repositories, was on average around 95%
  • Add custom data definitions or modify the sensitivity levels of pre-existing sensitive data definitions according to your needs.

Eliminate Developer Friction

  • Plugs Seamlessly into Developer Workflows. runs anywhere you need it, from CLI to CI/CD. The platform integrates with most CI pipelines, surfaces findings in GitHub and GitLab’s security dashboards, and sends actionable notifications in Slack and Jira
  • Blazingly Fast. Scan more than 3 million lines of code in less than 3 minutes
  • Customizable. Leverage options to return issues with specific severity types and bypass particular folders, issues, or rules during scans for enhanced detections and flexibility
  • Actionable Remediation Guidance. Get essential context and clarity with the findings to ensure developers grasp the available remediation strategies, such as omitting sensitive data, applying masking or obfuscation techniques, or utilizing alternative data like UUIDs in place of PII.

Enterprise Ready

The platform is SOC-2 compliant, supports single sign-on (SSO), offers standardized audit logs for integration with SIEM systems, and includes enterprise support. Visit our Trust Center to see the latest compliance updates and security measures

Realize Significant Cost Reduction and Increased Productivity

ROI for proactive sensitive data protection

For Every1mLines of Code
Time Saved 4,000Hours
Productivity Gain2Full-Time Employees (FTEs)
Check out our ROI calculator for an estimation tailored to your organization's inputs.

Stop PII Data Leaks at the Source and Automate Data Mapping for Compliance

Through its shift-left approach, helps organizations integrate data security and privacy controls from the start. Start for free or book a live demo to better understand the product’s capabilities and pricing.