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New Paradigm: Preventing PII Data Leaks at the Source and Automating Data Mapping for Compliance helps organizations protect sensitive data from exposure and streamline compliance workflows by integrating data security and privacy controls at the code level from the very start. With its AI-powered code scanner, detects code logic suspected of handling sensitive data (e.g., PII, PIFI, and PHI), flags vulnerabilities where PII data is exposed in plaintext (in logs, files, and 3rd party systems) and automates the generation of sensitive datamaps and RoPA reports for GDPR compliance.

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More About helps organizations prevent PII data leaks at the source and automate data mapping for GDPR compliance. Its AI-powered code scanner detects code logic suspected of handling sensitive data, such as PII, PIFI and PHI. The scanner flags vulnerabilities where sensitive data is exposed in cleartext through logs, files, third-party systems, and other mediums. It documents data flows at the speed of development and generates Records of Processing Activities for GDPR compliance. supports popular languages including Java, C#, JavaScript, and TypeScript, and integrates seamlessly with existing tools, CI pipelines, and developer workflows.

Stop PII Data Leaks at the Source and Automate Data Mapping for Compliance

Through its shift-left approach, helps organizations integrate data security and privacy controls from the start. Start for free or book a live demo to better understand the product’s capabilities and pricing.